Skin Care Regimen

I am a lover of skin, the sensual feeling of smooth, soft. velvety glowy skin.  To achieve that one must eat and use only the purest ingredients that come from mother earth.

My skincare regime consist of a couple of my favorite products. I try to keep it simple, but I do indulge in skincare. I use only the highest quality products that I can trust my skin with. My boyfriend thinks I am a bit of a nutcase with all of these beautiful products. I mean I have to admit he does have beautiful skin, and all he uses is water. But there is something about having a routine that makes me feel beautiful.

So here is my skincare routine. It might change, it might not.

“Life is the flower of which love is the honey” Victor Hugo

For cleansing my skin, I use Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Active 16+


I basically saturate my skin with a hydrosol. Eg Orange Blossom, Rose And massage the honey onto my skin. It is a multi purpose ingredient, I could use it as a mask, cleanser, spot treatment, hair mask.

I have been using Honey for the past 6 months and it has been the only cleanser that is very gentle on my skin. It is a natural humectant and it is also antibacterial. Those two factors play a huge role in which I choose honey over any other type of cleansers.

To tone my skin I reach for hydrosols. I have a few favorites such as Rose, Orange Blossom, Helichrysum and Rose Geranium. I have several types of hydrosols that I keep in the fridge. I then pour some in a 1 ounce bottle that is travel friendly and use it till its gone.
I saturate my skin evenly and apply Cell Food, which is basically a gel that has a lot of minerals and it has been toning for my skin as well as hydrating. As dries it firms my skin and it creates a natural barrier. This product will definitely come with me when I travel on airplane.

I also have been loving La Bella Figura skin care. All of their products are top notch. They smell incredible and make skin care a luxurious experience. They use only the highest quality oils as well as organic and fair trade. My favorite oil would have to be Barbary Fig Seed. It has a healing effect and has high doses of omega to heal skin. It is extracted from the fruit known as “Tuna”

Top Fruit is “Tuna” Bottom is Dragon Fruit.


I also like to layer my oils, and it creates a highly moisturizing effect. And it leaves me with dewy skin, ever since using oils I have not once had dry flaky skin. And I feel my skin to be highly nourish and balance through the day.  For my eyes, I use the Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum from La Bella Figura.  It has so many beneficial oils that help diminish under eye circles, wrinkles and reduce puffiness. I am only 25, but it is never to early to take care of your skin, I don’t worry about getting older, if I can age gracefully and live my life to the fullest, then I am a happy camper. Aging is part of life, and it should be a beautiful learning experience for us as human beings. The older we get the more we can appreciate life and the moments that makes us realize how truly wonderful life is.


Modern Radiance Concentrate is another beautiful product that has been working on my skin. It has a high dose of vitamin C from kadaku plum and it has a nice gel cream like texture that goes on smooth. It does not leave my face sticky, but instead it leaves it plump and dewy.

For added protection I use Daily Elements Defense Face Oil, I use it in the mornings and it has an earthy kind of smell, high doses of antioxidants from oils such as Sacha Inchi oil,  Pitanga Oil, Rose hip seed oil. It is a beautiful blend of oils and it is my multivitamins for skin per se.

There is also a blend that I like to use called Veriditas Botanicals Rose Regenerative Facial Oil. It is a blend of essentials oils and I use it on my neck and Décolletage area. It is very potent and I use it very sparingly.


I know this was a very long post. But I hope you enjoy reading

Enjoy life and until next time.




One thought on “Skin Care Regimen

  1. So glad you’re using manuka honey to cleanse. Sounds like your regimen is working out nicely and your skin is definitely looking quite gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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