Autumn Love


As summer kisses us goodbye, we say hello to the cooler weather, we welcome the crisp morning air as it hits our lungs.  We smell the dew that lays gently on the greenery.  It is one of my favorite seasons. Such changes in the weather has a huge effect on our skin. And as it gets cooler, we crank up the heat causing our skin to become more dry and itchy.

It’s the time to soak the skin in luscious oils and mask

Here are a few tips to help transition into the cooler months.

Exfoliation plays a key role in creating soft, radiant skin. One of the things that I enjoy doing for my routine is dry brushing. It is an effective way to exfoliate while promoting circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. It helps bring blood flow to the skin, thus helping the skin absorb the precious oils. Make sure to dry brush firm but gently, it is easier to do it right before a bath or shower to rinse off dead skin cells.


Cleansing: During the cooler months I cleanse my skin with Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can use any type of oil that suits you. Oil is very gentle on the skin, and it does not dry out the skin like other cleansers. One thing that I have noticed was that every time I used tap water my skin would dry out. I have since stop using tap water to rinse my skin and started using just Olive Oil to cleanse my skin. It has a nice glow to it and leaves it feeling soft. The key is to use only enough to clean the face and not leaving it too oily


Hydrosols: The only water that I have been using on my skin is hydrosols, I have been using Rose Water, Orange Blossom and Tulsi. I use them as toner to remove the excess Olive Oil. It is a gentle toner and it is very nourishing to the skin as well. Not only is it very good for the skin, but it offers aromatherapy at the same time. I also like to add some hydrosol water to my bath, and you can also use it as a rinse for hair. It is a multi purpose essential for me.DSCN1755


Moisture:  The thing that I love most about using oils on the skin, is that they sinks in so beautifully. It is absorbed by thirsty skin and leaves it feeling soft and very nourish. There are an array of oils to choose from, all with their own healing properties. During the cooler weather, I choose thicker oils and balms made with oils. Butters are also a nice alternative to balms as they are made from the nuts and create a fatty, highly nourishing treat for the skin. There are mango, jojoba, shea butter, cocoa butters



The important thing is to stick with a routine that makes you feel beautiful. You have to make your skin care routine sacred, and enjoy every step with products you love using.
Stick with it and you will reap the benefits of having gorgeous skin, for you beautiful soul.DSCN1729

Enjoy Life



5 thoughts on “Autumn Love

  1. Hi Che! I usually use cleansing grains but I have switched to oil cleansing and a natural cream cleanser by Grateful Body Skin Care for the drier fall and winter weather. They both serve my skin well. I will have to use some of my organic extra virgin olive oil! With so many amazing ingredients and truly natural products out there these days, you can often forget the basic essentials that work just as well. Thanks for the reminder! Looking forward to more of your skin care tips!

    1. Hey how are you?? 🙂
      How do you use the cleansing grains?
      I was thinking of trying out a cream cleanser.
      Will definitely check out Grateful Body Care.
      There is also an ayurvedic line called Ajara and they also have a cream cleanser.
      Glad we share the same view on keeping things simple!!
      And thank you for reading my blog!! I really makes me happy to know that I am helping someone out.

      1. I seem to have lost my long reply that I just wrote. 😦 Cleansing grains are used like a masque (dry ingredients like oats, adsuki beans, clays, and herbs/flowers are mixed with a wetting agent like water, hydrosol, yogurt, honey, etc.) but kept on for much less time. I actually just made a new blend because I was missing them. I can share some recipes if you’d like. 🙂 And Grateful Body is the ultimate in organic skin care! Do try their products. I will check out Ajara.

      2. Sure!! I would love to try to make some!

        I checked Grateful Body. I can’t believe that I am I never heard of this company.

        I am keen to get Aphrodite’s Feast oil.

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