The Art of Relaxation

The Art of Doing Nothing. The Italians have a saying “La Dolce Far Niente,”

We tend to forget the simplicity of doing nothing. I remember as a child laying on the ground and just looking up at the sky. Even now, I will go for a hike near my house and sit at the top of the mountain and just relax. Sometimes there are days where I just don’t feel like doing anything. It does not mean I am lazy, but I see it as a way to recharge my self. To rest my body and mind and to feel the present moment. A lot of times we forget to really focus, truly enjoy and savor to be in our own presense. If we cannot enjoy being by ourselves then how do we expect for others to enjoy being with them.



Even if you take 5 minutes a day to give to yourself do it. Go someplace quiet and breathe in and breathe out.Feel your body for any tension and acknowledged it. Don’t try to change it but just feel it.

Taking time to get to know ourselves is not being selfish, it is self love and we need more love in our lifes.

Enjoy life





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