Rainy Day

It is raining today, a rare occurance in this dry desert of a place. With the welcome of rain comes a feeling of comfort of lounging around the house. Enjoying the sound of raindrops against the ground. The palm trees swaying softly in the wind.

Days like these make me want to lounge around the house and enjoy my moments of feeling cozy. Creativity starts to flow and the energy that is the driving force creates the urgency to expand and become a reality of beauty and inspirations.

I live in a small studio and I lacked having a space that allowed me to be creative and to write post for my blog. I decided to find a solution. 

I searched around for a desk and my lovely sister Frida had one that she no longer needed. I decided to take it off her hands and create my work station. It’s a small sewing table but for now it works perfectly. I am able to stay organize and have a place to expand on my ideas and make them a reality. 

For now I am happy camper and currently working on some new blog post. 

Stay warm and enjoy life



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